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A New Look

Updated: Feb 6, 2018

We're real pleased to announce today the launch of our new website, put together by our buddies at EcoFreelance.

Hey everyone, and welcome to the new website! We're very happy with it and it heralds in new goings on at Conscious Earth Healing Retreats.

“This new website speaks of our new direction and our commitment to our work, providing events and retreats to the world to bring about healing and a re-aligning with Mother Earth.”

A host of new facilitators have connected with us expressing their desire to work with us and the Conscious Earth Healing Retreats space. We're really looking forward to what 2018 has in store for all, it's certainly been an uplifting and inspiring start so far!

New Collaborations

We're certainly looking forward to getting 2018 underway with our existing facilitators and new folk coming our way. We're excited by the calibre of the people being drawn to Conscious Earth and the scope of the work, teachings and guidance they have to share.

Not least our new buddies Paul and Merle from who came across our path just recently, and in no time at all have put together a new look for us and helped us with some new ideas. That's what they do for people and venues like us, so if you're in need of some pro help, give them a shout.

New Features

In this new website there are individual pages for each of our main retreats and workshops, and plenty more will be added in the coming weeks and months as we are just getting started!

In addition there are now pages for our Digital Detox Breaks and all the accommodations available for you to take a well deserved chill out break, Unplugged and Off-line in Portugal.

And for the first time we now have an informative Venue Hire page for Facilitators and Teachers interested in working with us here at Conscious Earth Healing Retreats.

Please browse through our new website, we happy for feedback on how we can improve things. We hope you enjoy it, find it informative and that we can welcome you to Conscious Earth. Don't forget to check our retreats such as;

See you soon, Jason & Kay!

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Emer Gency
Emer Gency
Feb 03, 2018

Love the new website, well done, hope you have a wonderful year ahead at Conscious Earth

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