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NICK BULLMAN  ( Level 2 Advanced Wim Hof  Method instructor)
JASON KIMPTON  (  Qualified "8" Directions Fire-walk Instructor
Open to groups & Individuals

december 3rd- 8th

earlybird offer €1111.

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 Immerse into the Elements 

Join your Guides Nick  & Jason as they lead you on a journey to discover  the depths of your power and amazing potential

They will show you a world where the seemingly impossible becomes possible and the limited becomes limitless....

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Nick Bullman


Nick is Chairman of CheckRisk a risk tech, risk consulting and asset advisory business to institutional clients. He is passionate about the behavioural aspects of risk and learned behaviours (heuristics)

Nick holds an Airline Transport Pilots License and is a qualified Yacht-Master

Jason is a fully qualified "8 Directions" Fire- Walk Instructor and has had a deep relationship  with the Shamanic path since the early 90s and has also had a connection to the Natural World for all of his life​

Having worked with Spirit and Medicine Plants for many years, circumstances then led them to the Amazonian Jungles of Peru to encounter the Master Spirit plant and begin a truly incredible journey of self discovery and deep personal healing that continues to this day.

This journey in turn lead to embarking on powerful breathwork practices that allow the body to access the Spirit Molecule where it resides naturally - in the Human body. As well as embarking in the Age Old tradition of FIRE-WALKING- Walking over Hot coals where the Inner strength to do ANYTHING we set our minds to do  is achieved

Jason will guide you through you these EMPOWERING techniques in a safe and sacred ceremonial space. His growing interest in the field of Epigenetics also features in a personal meditation practice that will see you change on every level. He also leads the daily Breathwork and Falun Gong session for participants

Sananga Ceremony Artwork
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Nick Bullman is a Level 2 Advanced Wim Hof Method Instructor as well as a qualified YogaTeacher.

Nick has been a yoga instructor since 2014. 

He completed the 200 hour Yoga course with CamYoga in Cambridge they teach a number of different styles of yoga

He focused on Hatha Yoga, they are also well know for Jiva Mukhti.


Nick was trained by Wim Hof himself and some of his Level 3 instructors. He has  been practicing cold exposure for over 5 years .

Nick´s interested in this field is from both a physical and mental perspective and he is passionate about the science of both.

Nick is also knowledgeable in Intermittent Fasting Techniques.

His passion is to help others has led Nick to run regular retreats combining the Wim Hof Method with yoga,  as well as Celtic Wheel of Life and Celtic Rune practices, and mindfulness.


The Wim Hof Method has changed Nick's life. The three pillars Breath work, gradual cold exposure, and Mindset are in many ways about reconnecting with one's inner self. To find that inner-fire we need to relearn what we already knew but have forgotten in the modern world.



Jason is a Co-owner & Co- Founder of Conscious-Earth and Founder of Infin8ty Firewalks .He has,along with his wife Kay,been putting in to effect the many changes and improvements over the years.He is passionate about exploring our Inner potential and believes firmly that" I f we don´t go Within,We go without"

Join us on an amazing 5 day retreat


  1. Gradual Cold Water exposure
  2. Wim Hof Fundamentals
  3. Wim Hof Breathwork
  4. Ice Bath Immersions
  5. Wim Hof Meditations
  6. Beach Breathwork Session
  7. Atlantic  Immersion**
  8. Sananga Medicine Journey
  9. Arrow Breaking
  10. Board Breaking
  11. Glass walking
  12. Bar bending
  13. Fire -Walking
  14. Hike
  15. Shamanic Drum Journey
  16. Bodywork (Massage)
  17. Certificate of completion
  18. **Optional 1 hour Surf lesson


Here´s what some of our 2022 Participants had to say about their experiences on this "YOUNIQUE" RETREAT


The Conscious Earth retreat is a truly magical place. Tucked between the wild hills of the Algarve region in Portugal, it's an oasis of peace and quiet. It's a place where you forget that you have a mobile phone, mesmerized as you are by orange trees, flowers and busy discovering all the secret corners of this beautiful domain. The accommodations vary from a Fiji-inspired cottage to an old gypsy bus, a small bungalow or the main house, with its cozy library and main kitchen/ hall area. The retreat is fully catered and the food cooked by the amazing Kay is both delicious and nourishing. Jase and Kay are warm and welcoming hosts, together with their 3 dogs, Baby, Mel and the naughty Freddy. The activities: The activities were very diverse. Nick is the perfect mentor, guiding his students through mindfulness meditation, different breathing techniques and ice baths. He takes the time to patiently explain the theory before getting to the practice. He is very careful to make everybody feel comfortable and safe. He is a patient, yet persistent teacher who believes in his mentees and wants to see them succeed. Jase is also a great guide who knows exactly how to get people out of their comfort zone, but not too much. Just enough to help them reach a better version of themselves. He teaches you that fear is indeed the mind killer. I am grateful to have had both these gentlemen as my mentors for almost an entire week and the lessons they taught me will no doubt stay with me for years to come.

The Conscious Earth Retreat center is a gem surrounded by nature, just in itself, it takes you far from your busy life bringing that inner calm right from the start. Then, this specific retreat was just amazing...I think we can easily recognize the power of the retreat when all elements come together and help us grow, despite a group of wonderful beings coming from different backgrounds and maybe seeking different outcomes or just on their inner growth journey. How Jason and Nick were able to create a safe place for us all to Trust the process, feel empowered, and share our sparkling energy with one another, is just what makes that retreat unique and unforgettable. All exercises, from the Wim Hof Method breathing exercises and the ice bath to the fire/glass walking, arrow/board breaking, drumming initiation, and surfing lessons, were amazingly combined to provide us with so many insights into what it is we can overcome or can work on to improve our outlook on life and its challenges. Also, I have to flag the 5 heart cooking skills of Kay!! Just delicious! it was like being home with a family. I can only recommend the experience, you will leave with Love in your heart, grounded by earth, flexible like water, full of oxygen and with a fire in your spirit!

I did the fire & ice Retreat with Jason and Nick. The combination of fire and ice was lovely. Everyday there were new unexpected challenges some calm, some exciting, some scary, some just a lot of fun! Because of the variety of activities I could see that everyone was triggered by something at different moments. There was a lot of respect and absolutely no pressure or force to do things. You can see Nick has a real passion for mindfulness, celtic rituals and the wim hof method. He guided us very calmly and he was in control at all times. Jason is super connected to the elements and the spirits and he performs beautiful rituals. They challenged us a lot, but I would put all my trust in these men and know I'm safe whatever challenge is given.

"Conscious Earth is a particularly beautiful spot in the middle of Portuguese nature. I really had a terrific five days. There was a super balance between WHM and "Trust" practices. We also enjoyed some downtime sun gazing, swimming in the local spring, playing drums in the Moloko and surfing. This Ice-Fire retreat had everything I was looking for; a great bunch of people, delicious food and skilled instructors. Jason clearly has a lot of knowledge around shamanism and the trust practices. Most of the trust practices were completely new ground for me; bar bending, arrow breaking, fire walking, shamanic practices etc. I had never even seen a lot of this stuff. I was very far outside my comfort zone. Without Jason, there is no way I would have even considered engaging in them. Nick is a superb WHM Instructor with an infectious enthusiasm rooted in the science. He exudes a real confidence and calm when you are in the ice and Nick pushes you just enough in the breathing sessions. Although challenging, each day at Conscious Earth was made so much easier knowing that we were in for a feast at mealtimes. Kay provided beautiful fresh food made with lots of love. All of the activities made me feel very present and strongly enhanced the group dynamic. I felt emersed in consciousness over the five days.​ The various practices left me especially open to the guided mediations that usually followed. In addition to the meditations, there were also very engaging presentations on the WHM, Intermittent Fasting and even Celtic Runes. Conscious Earth – I could not think of a more apt name for this place! I highly recommend this experience. Gary, Ireland"

First of all this retreat makes you feel that Nick, Jason and Kay are genuine people with genuine intention to help others. This is what made this retreat one of the best I have ever attended... I felt cared for, and I really felt like I came home... there is many Retreats out there and many just do it for money. But this place is different. This pleace is real healing space straight from the heart... I am very grateful to Jason, Nick and Kay for holding this space for others. Secondly the program was an amazing and unexpected challenge, I didn't assume that I will be able to walk fire, walk glass and break an arrow... but I did it and I feel proud for overcoming my ego self. I am very grateful to Jason for facilitating everything in safe and sacred atmosphere. Wim Hof breathing and baths led by Nick were absolutely great, I really enjoyed his dedication to teach us, help us and understand each person's limitations. I continue with ice baths at home currently and thanks to Nick I have great knowledge about how to do it right. Food was homemade, fresh and hot, prepared by Kay. It really also makes a difference to have this natural loving food, I really enjoyed every meal by the large table! Again, thank you Jason, Kay, Nick for facilitating this beautiful time for others... God/Universe bless you all!

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WHM Fire & Ice As a self-taught practitioner of the Wim Hof method, or "hoffer" for the past 6 years, I feel the WHM Ice & Fire retreat helped me better understand WHM, and also the Fire element reminded me of getting used to being uncomfortable, in new ways which I can say I had forgotten about. I always felt in good hands with both Fire & Ice instructors, especially because they are very knowledgeable about these topics, but also really well rounded individuals with an open mind. Of course, time went by too fast, but I feel empowered and I learned a lot in 6 days, and I integrated some of the teachings in my current routines, and plan to integrate more in the near future. The location is super nice, has a lot of soul and also really quiet. It has places where all people can gather to eat, talk, but also places where you can just read a book quietly between workshops, like in a hammock, or if you prefer, there's also a sauna on the property. I really liked the fact that the rooms are quite well placed, and not too close to each other, so there was absolute silence after around 10 PM when everybody went to sleep. Kay cooked really delicious and diverse food every single day, and I can say I felt spoiled and it reminded me of when I stayed at a 5 star hotel in India. Cheers, Mihai


Thank you so much to you, Kay and Nick and Jason for making this experience unforgettable. Your place is really special and allows magical things to happen. Totally remote and quite but full of life! The Ice & Fire retreat not only combines this two elements but will challenge you beyond your “in head limits” Thanks again T.S.

AND MORE TO COME...........

Food as Medicine
Renature Food.jpg

As part of your stay with us we will offer you lovingly prepared  Food , Both Vegetarian & Non Vegetarian options, in support of the important work that you create on this "Younique" Retreat.

                 BOOK EARLY


Price per person for 5 NIGHT retreat Including all Accommodation & Full board. Based on
*shared room experience

earlybird offer €1111

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