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Financial Help


If you are someone whose,Finances are restricted and you feel you just cannot afford or justify the expense of either, just being here to recover and re-charge,or to embark on one of our Healing Retreats here at Conscious-Earth,.....then read on

We have tried to keep our stays and events held here as fairly priced as we can,but we are mindful of the fact that even this can be too much for some people who really need to be here.

So if you feel that you fall into this category then you need only reach out to us and explain your situation.(This will be kept strictly confidential)

There are numerous ways that we can try and help to get you here,


We have, in the past ,had people visit us who have been so engaged by the work and ambiance here that they have donated to our fund to make sure that MONEY is not the block that stops people accessing this important work and special place

By doing this they have helped people to get discounted rates and extended stays

We are so grateful for any donation big or small

All donations are treated in Strictest confidence

If you are able to donate to our Bursary Fund to help people get here then please reach out to us


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