Facilitated by Jase & Kay  

& Holy Spirit     

The Sacred Secretion, also called 'Chrism', 'Christ Oil' and 'The Honey And Milk', is the title given to the body's natural spiritual rhythm. During the monthly cycle, when lunar energy empowers the starsign energy that clothed you at birth, the brain releases a brew of chemicals. The psychedelic concoction travels down the spine's 33 vertebrate before rising up again. The secretion's increases its vibrational potency throughout the process, changing in and out of form. Finally, after being preserved in an alkaline body, the secretion is released, enhancing the senses of the individual and raising their conscious awareness. This is the true meaning behind the original story of Jesus (a fairy tale of the 'Sun', not the 'Son) who, at 33, rose again and returned to higher realms of being. Therefore, the Sacred Secretion is a spiritual journey.

Join us on a Spritual Journey of Balance & Joy

This unique modality draws upon many elements of ancient and modern work that have been condensed, activated and refined to make this an all encompassing and powerful tool of self healing and connection to the Holy Anointing Oil within

Together we will work through the Chemical,Physiological and astronomical explanations of this internal Alchemy.

Referencing the work of Victoria Loalou's Book

"The Science of The Sacred Secretion"

We will introduce you to the Principles and History of the Sacred Secretion and how YOU can train yourself to access this Divine right each and every Month and to also Preserve this most precious Naturally occurring substance within the Body Vehicle

We will give you Techniques through Breathwork, Chakra Balance, and Cool water immersion(optional),that will turn this into a Joy that you will want to repeat over and over again and most importantly you will want to continue this practice long after you leave here and Further develop and understand your relationship to


Each of the 5 physical senses are activated and stimulated through a Dedicated and Intentioned Fasting period, Visualisations, Sound, Bodywork, aromas, allowing heightened awareness and altered states of consciousness.

We will go through each Chakra in depth.Finding their meaning,discovering what it is to be overactive/underactive in any or all of them.

We will work together daily in bringing Balance & Peace & Joy

With the use of voice/Body activation,Breathwork , and movement, this method covers the whole spectrum of physical and non-physical experience.

The Sacred secretion

Retreat at Conscious Earth

Algarve, Portugal.


Join us for a deeply transformational guided Fasting & Sacred Secretion Retreat in a magical secluded Eco retreat in the heart of the stunning Algarve countryside.

This programme is open to Any Souls regardless of their previous experience and abilities who are ready to make a huge shift in their lives and rediscover their true power and Connection to the Divine Christ within

If you are ready to commit to yourself and have an unforgettable life changing experience apply now.

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"The Sacred Secretion Retreat was a life changing experience for me.

Combining this ancient Hidden practice with Chakra Balancing and Breathwork is easy and brings much more other benefits like extra energy, detoxification, body healing, simply whatever you wish and believe."

Louisa W.


The Sacred Secretion

Begin your Journey to Engage fully with The Holy Oil within

Join us for your Spiritual Rights experience and be supported all the way.You will learn unforgettable techniques to assist you in all your Sacred Secretion experiences.

You will soon notice the benefits both Physical and Spiritual

Dates / Bookings

2020 DATES




Additional days prior to and after retreat are available for preparation, detox, fasting and post retreat recovery & assimilation.

Additional days are highly recommended to enhance and deepen your experience.

Complete the Event Registration Form and we will reply with next availability,  payment details and retreat info, such as travel links, what to bring etc.

This  retreat, specifically designed to create a transformative experience, while being held safe and protected by your facilitators Jason and Kay, plus the venue space and staff at Conscious Earth.  If it is impossible for you to attend all 4 days, then please discuss this with us during the registration process.

During this process we will send you a link to a questionnaire for general info so that we can ensure we meet all your needs for this retreat. This info will remain strictly confidential.

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Your Investment

Fully Inclusive Retreat (*);

Accommodation and supporting nourishment in accordance with requirements of this retreat. All materials required for the retreat and all tuition & guidance provided by facilitator(s).

Sacred Secretion Retreat is a DONATION  Event

*We ask that Participants for this Retreat pay a fee of €40 per person per night for your Bed ,Food,Heating/cooling e.t.c.

The Donation will be for the Spiritual Work and Techniques that you undertake here and is determined by "Soul-ley" you.

Terms & Conditions:

Reservation by €100 deposit, non-refundable.

Retreat fees to be paid in full by no later than 10 days prior to the commencement date.

Discounts are not given for late arrivals or early departures under any circumstances.


N.B: in extenuating circumstances, and where retreat spaces are available, we may carry over  a cancellation to the next available retreat, at our discretion only.

(*) ; Does not include costs of transport such as flights, transfers or connections. Your additional transport needs will be covered during our registration process and bear additional fees.

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Accommodation & Catering

There is a range of accommodation options. We will discuss accommodation options once we have received your Retreat Registration as part of the confirmation process.


Catering for these retreats is vegetarian only. We are happy to discuss specific dietary requirements as part of the confirmation process also, and will do our best to meet your individual needs.

In our questionnaire form will be questions relating to accommodation preferences and dietary requirements.

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We are the founders and creators of Conscious Earth Retreats. You can read a little more about our journey to here from our info section.

We both had our first experiences with plant medicine in Peru where we attended a number of ceremonies. Our experience of the healing potential of these medicines is first hand, witnessing profound shifts and healing in people close to us and within ourselves.

After our initial experiences in Peru we both felt a strong call to assist others to connect with the plant healers and other profound Healing Modalities Such as The Fasting Path & Sacred Secretion retreats

From there we have realised the many Healing benefits from our Spirit  World

and continue to Educate and Hopefully inspire others along this blessed path

Our role has grown and we now provide complementary activities from our life experience, like sessions of chakra balancing, falun gong, guided meditations,Sound Journeys and nature walks.

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