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The Trinity Detox Retreat


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The Choice is Yours 

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The Trinity Detox Retreat features a host of passionate leaders in their respective fields. Their collective mission will be to guide and support you during your Detox Journey. 

Using combinations of renowned Deep Detox elements such as :

Activated Charcoal

Beautiful Smoothies & Juices

Bentonite Clay

Zeolite fine powder

Physillium husk

Fresh Pine Needle infusions

Sacred Sananga Ceremony

Optional Daily Mycelium Fruit 

Daily Yoga lessons and meditations

Peace, Truth, Love, Compassion, Tolerance

Meditation, Ceremony, Sound Baths, Bodywork, Breathwork

The team here will gently create a detox environment for "Nine Perfect Strangers" that will see your Mind, Body,Spirit release that which no longer serves you. We shall aim to remove heavy Metals from your system and Toxic overload from every organ in your Body. As we do this work it shall be complimented by supplying you with expertly crafted Smoothies & Juices and Complimentary activities given daily by your Guides

Sananga Ceremony Artwork

Jason & Kay


We founded Conscious Earth in 2005 after completing a 4 year world travelling adventure with our three children. Since this journey, we felt inspired to connect with the land once again and to try and leave "soft footprints" behind us.

Our travels opened our eyes to the Universe of Infinite Possibilities. ​We were guided to this place, where the land and water source are clean and free from chemicals and also free from the technological barrage of wifi and mobile phone signals.

For the past 16 years we have been lucky to enjoy some wonderful visitors from around the world. ​People that we have met on our travels and people that have helped us build Conscious Earth.

Guests that have come here with their wonderful energies. Since 2014 we have welcomed a flow of Retreat and Workshop Facilitators that will work with us and you,  to continue to share and grow.

We are very Happy to have such wonderful people and Facilitators cross our path and welcome anyone who wishes to stay as a Guest, Retreat participant, or New Facilitator.

We look forward to expanding our Consciousness with you!

Served With love

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Our Detox Smoothies & Juice infusions,  are prepared with love and attention to your needs for ceremony and sustenance. 


We aim to provide you with Detox Smoothies & Juice infusions prepared with the intent of food as medicine.  


Price per person for 7 night retreat including all Detox elements, accommodation and guides.


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