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Conscious Earth – Terms of Service

1 Definitions


Below are the definitions of the expressions used throughout this document:


1.1 Company: Conscious Earth Healing Retreats – The business operation and team members.


1.2 Client – a person who engages any services of Conscious Earth Healing Retreats.


1.3 Deposit – The down payment to secure reservations.


1.4 Balance – The remaining amount to be paid on any service.


1.5 Instalment – periodic or ad-hoc payment by a client for services after a deposit has been paid and before full payment is made.


1.6 Participant – a person who attends Conscious Earth Healing Retreats for a scheduled event or retreat.


1.7 Guest – a person who stays as part of a group or rents summer period digital detox self styled retreats.


1.8 Client Confidentiality – protection of personal data in processes of reservations and registration questionnaires for retreat events.



2 Bookings


2.1 Customers can book with Conscious Earth Healing Retreats via our websites, Conscious Earth Retreats and The Wysteria Lodge, and through various online booking platforms.


2.2 A booking will only be confirmed once it has been accepted by the Company and a deposit has been lodged, marking the start of the Client/Company contract.


2.3 When requesting a booking, clients will be asked for personal information, including, but not limited to; name, telephone number (optional), email address and age of guests/participants.


2.4 Should the customer request to change any details of their booking the Company will try to the best of our abilities to accommodate the changes. The changes can only be made subject to availability.


2.3 To reserve your place for accommodation or venue hire, we request a booking deposit, refund policies below apply. Your reservation is complete upon clearance of your payment.



3 Payments for Accommodation Rentals


3.1 Deposit payments may be made by bank transfer, Transferwise or Paypal. The Paypal gateway allows for payment by account or credit/debit cards. Transferwise offers very competitive fees on international transfers.


3.2 Balance of fees due may be paid by bank transfer or Paypal, or cash (euros) on arrival, Paypal payments incurring a 3.6% surcharge.



4 Payments for Events & Venue Hire


4.1 A booking deposit is required to reserve your place in our calendar. We will offer a payment schedule for installments during the lead in time to your event. We tailor payment schedules to best suit your needs. Cancellation and refund policies (below) apply.


4.2 Booking deposit payments may be made by bank transfer, Transferwise or Paypal. The Paypal gateway allows for payment by account or credit/debit cards. Transferwise offers very competitive fees on international transfers.


4.3 Full payment for the booking is required prior to the commencement of service, either in advance or balance paid in full on the arrival date, subject to negotiation and acceptance by the Company in advance.



5 Arrivals and departures


5.1 Guest arrivals are between 2pm - 10pm.

5.2 Times of guest departures are flexible by prior negotiation.


5.3 Should guests wish to extend their stay, Conscious Earth Healing Retreats staff should be informed no later than the day prior to the end of the booking in question. All requests subject to availability and the discretion of the Company.



6 Advertising


6.1 It is the hirer(s) responsibility to advertise and fill event(s) places for which they are using the venue.


6.2 Conscious Earth Healing Retreats will advertise the hirers event(s) on our website, social media and other channels upon request for a fee of €100, payable in advance.


6.3 The advertising of an event by illegal means, or means by which the reputation of the venue may be harmed, will result in the immediate withdrawal of permission to use the venue. Hirer(s) are advised that if this condition is contravened the Company will seek to recover any costs incurred by the hirers actions.



7 Indemnity and Insurance


7.1 The Company is not responsible and will not accept responsibility for any loss, damage, injury or death howsoever and by whomsoever caused, whether to property or person(s) sustained by any person(s) at the venue.


7.2 The hirer(s) agree(s) to indemnify the Company against all claims, actions, demands, proceedings, damages, awards or costs in respect of loss, damage, death or personal injury occurring during the period of hire.


7.3 It is the hirer(s) responsibility to designate a proficient first aid responder or make arrangements with the Company to ensure adequate first aid response is available throughout the event.


7.4 The aforementioned indemnity must be covered by €6,000,000 Public Liability insurance, or our Venue Hirer and Event Participant Waiver.


7.5 Failure to provide proof of insurance cover as required in these Terms and Conditions, or acceptance of the Venue Hirer and Event Participant Waiver, will lead to cancellation of the event.




8 Damage to the Venue


8.1 It is the hirer(s) responsibility to protect the venue during the period of hire. The hirer(s) shall undertake to ensure (so far as is practicable) that no loss, damage, defacement or destruction is caused to any Company-owned equipment, materials, facilities or natural features.


8.2 If any damage occurs or is sustained during a period of hire (other than damage or destruction which in the opinion of the Company could not reasonably have been prevented) the hirer(s) shall further undertake to reimburse the Company with any costs that might necessarily be incurred by the Company in the repair, replacement, cleaning or reinstatement required as a result of the actions of any persons attending or participating in the event.



9 Conduct


9.1 The hirer(s), employees or helpers of the hirer(s) shall not permit any drunk and disorderly conduct to take place at the venue, observing that Conscious Earth Healing Retreats is a ‘dry’ venue. No unlawful gaming shall take place at the venue and the distribution of prizes or any announcement thereof is strictly prohibited.


9.2 The hirer(s) shall ensure that sound levels from event activities, music and paticipant behaviour is kept within reasonable limits at all times.


9.3 The hirer(s) shall ensure that the venue or any part thereof shall not be used for any illegal or immoral purpose or for conducting or allowing noisy, noxious or offensive activity or anything which may cause nuisance, annoyance or damage to the Company or the owners or occupiers of other property in the neighbourhood.



10 Emergencies


10.1 The hirer(s) shall undertake to comply with any instructions given by the duly authorised officers of the Company or of the fire, policy or other statutory authorities with reference to safety and emergency response.


10.2 A named person, either the hirer(s) or designated emergency contact, must be in attendance for the duration of the hire period, with a useable mobile telephone, the number for which must be the same as the number given on the booking form. This person shall be responsible for ensuring on behalf of the hirer(s) any instructions given by the Company, local authorities (including environmental officers), police, fire brigade or other statutory authorities, are complied with.



11 Cancellation of A Booking by the Client or Guest


11.1 Please note there are no refunds or discounts for late arrivals, early departures, flight cancellations, other travel issues or illness. If you cancel your booking for any reason, the refund policy below applies, without exception.


11.2 The Company would like to be able to compensate participants in the event of unforeseen circumstances (illness/injury, family emergency, travel issues, etc), but we incur costs prior to the events when reserving accommodation and ordering catering supplies. We have tried to provide as fair and reasonable a refund policy as possible in the event of unforeseen circumstances.


11.3 When a participant cancels an event the Company, to the best of it’s ability and availability of places, offers to carry over the participant’s place to the nearest next available event, prior to enacting the cancellation and refund policies.


11.4 To protect yourself in case of unforeseen events we encourage you to purchase travel and/or event insurance.




12 Cancellation of A Booking by Conscious Earth Healing Retreats


12.1 In the unlikely event of Conscious Earth Healing Retreats terminating the booking and services, for reasons unrelated to the client, the Company will refund the client’s payments in full.


12.2 In the unlikely event of Conscious Earth Healing Retreats terminating the booking and services, for reasons directly related to the client, the Company will refund the client’s payments in full, minus the initial booking reservation fee.

12.3 Conscious Earth Healing Retreats is NOT responsible for the refund of costs incurred outside the Venue.I.E. Flights,Taxis,Trains,Buses,Shuttle Transfers, and other private transportation.



13 Personal Data


13.1 The Company’s treatment of data strictly follows the guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 as required by EU Law.


13.2 Personal Data is only disclosed if requested by EU regulatory authorities and only if such a request is permissible within the parameters and the ethos of the GDPR 2018 Regulations. Under no other circumstances will Personal Data be disclosed to third parties.

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