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Digital Detox Retreats

"Absolutely loved my time at Conscious Earth, so relaxing and peaceful...wish we didn't have to leave!  You forget how good it is to have nothing to do but be free, chilled out and lying about in the sunshine.  Thank you sooo much Jason & Kay, we'll be back for sure!"

Soulful Yoga Retreats

"Hayley’s passion for personal growth comes through in her expansive knowledge which is delivered in such a lovely, easy way that you understand it and are able to apply the teachings to your everyday life. I would whole heartedly recommend learning and growing with Hayley!

Creativation Retreats

"Lyn has a creative approach where she speaks from her heart and says it as it is! She gave me great ideas that were from outside the box......Thank you Lyn for getting me back on my feet and realising I can fly once again! Take care and thank you so much for all your help."

Conscious Art Retreats

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 Retreat Testimonials


Peggy L. September 2018

Before attending the retreat, I was full of anxieties and apprehensions about what to expect.  All disappeared from the minute I arrived. Conscious Earth and it’s team are so caring, loving, welcoming and attentive.  I knew I was in safe hands as anything could be addressed: situations, emotions, fears, there were no taboos.

I found a place where I could easily be myself, be with others and where there was no prejudices. The group and the team became a Family.  I cherish my time spent with such a Professional team and such caring people.

I have healed so much in such little time….thank you to Conscious Earth and it’s Team.

Savitri C. September 2018

I have been wanting to experience Sacred Medicine for many years. I have read many books about shamanism and the shamanic way of life.   A good friend recommended Conscious Earth. I asked lots of questions prior to booking in.  Kay and Jase answered all my questions. Jase and Kay have poured so much love and care and dedication in providing quality and authenticity.  I had the most profound Spiritual experience which healed me on a deep level and my health has improved so much that it is a miracle. Jonathan who lead the sacred Medicine ceremony is a very knowledgeable, wise, compassionate, humane, approachable and a  humble man.  I felt very safe and secure.  Jonathan  explained everything and kept a close eye on us all. The location is idyllic and deeply healing in its own right.  The lake is beautiful; I enjoyed swimming and being amongst the elements.  Jase and Kay helped me overcome my fear of  walking up slopes and swimming in a 20 foot deep lake!.  The accommodation is spotless and the rooms are wonderful.  I found that they offered much more than I had bargained for eg epigenitcs meditation, chakra balancing yoga (optional).  The cost of the retreat and the wonderful environment is great value for money.  There are no hidden extra costs. I enjoyed the use of the sauna and swinging in the hammocks.  I felt so connected to nature.  The stillness and solitude is magical.  I am lost for words in describing such a wonderful cosmic life changing experience.  Thank you so much to every person who was involved in making it a truly magical experience.  I am very very grateful forever.

Alex T. September 2018

My weekend at Conscious Earth ranks as one of the most meaningful in my life. Jason, Kay, Jonathan and Glynn where kind, loving, thoughtful, understanding and properly funny. A sacred space was created which allowed for real healing and connection. I was nervous going in, but the warmth and commitment provided by everyone allowed me to ease myself into what became a divine experience. The respect given to the plants and to the experience was obvious. The support staff where fantastic and created some incredible dieta meals. Lastly, the site is gorgeous and provided real serenity. There is a sauna, outdoors showers, a crystalline lake for swimming in and plenty of space for meditation, yoga, reading, writing, drawing and contemplation. I’ll go back again, I can feel it in my soul. xx


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Digital Detox Testimonials

Dianna B.

UK, 2017

We booked in for 3 nights and ended up staying for 6….From the moment we arrived, we felt we had found a little corner of paradise that was ours to be a part of for a short while.

Wonderful region, loads of sunshine, gorgeous surroundings, excellent facilities, and very helpful and beautiful hosts who looked after us so well.

We so enjoyed being unplugged, we didn't want to go home, and definitely not work!!  Beware......staying here will make it difficult to go back to your everyday routine.  Could really handle living this lifestyle always!  So peaceful.


Thank you Jason, Kay & crew!

Amber W.

UK, 2017

Absolutely stunning environment, thoroughly loved every moment staying in Shambhala, great experience if you are looking for a peaceful fun out doors experience. Truly recommend!

Anthony D.

Australia, 2017

We spent 7 days in the Round House . We had great time, chilling out, meeting new people. This place is really simple and down to earth.  It's really interesting to see how quickly all the day to day stuff we think important, becomes really unimportant as you get into the swing of no distractions and just enjoying your time for yourself.

We did plenty of the day outings to superb beaches and the best of the sites Jason & Kay recommended too.  We also had some excellent meals out in Silves and enjoyed the weekend markets.  It was really hard to leave...miss it already!   So relaxing, felt completely recharged when we left.  Would definitely go again, Thanks guys!


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Soulful Yoga Retreat Testimonials


Michael S.

UK, 2017

I have had a number of different yoga instructors over the years, both in the UK and US, and Hayley has been the best by some margin. She is a superb teacher, very clear in her directions and attentive to everyone in the class.

She is great with mixed ability groups, making sure each move has several levels of difficulty depending on experience and flexibility. Hayley’s sense of the flow of moves means she manages to pack a great deal within an hour – more than some two hour classes I’ve had in the past.

Hayley’s sessions and retreats are deeply beneficial for my mind, body and soul. They keep me balanced, alert and well grounded.


UK, 2017

Hayley’s passion for her work comes through in her expansive knowledge which is delivered in such a lovely, easy way that you understand it and are able to apply the teachings to your everyday life. I would whole heartedly recommend learning and growing with Hayley, the Soulful Girl indeed!

Martin B.

UK, 2017

Hayley’s retreats are ideal for an organisation such as ours. Through her teachings Hayley gave our team practical tips on how to focus on the positive in their lives, manage stress and optimise their performance. The feedback from the team confirmed that everyone felt that there was something for them on the day. The outcomes from Hayley’s classes have been so positive it has influenced our thinking towards training and development.


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Creativation Retreat Testimonials


EU, 2017

Once I started taking the drops I got off the insulin that doctors told me to take and had told me I would have to take for life. I've reached a point of realizing that I don't need these drugs from doctors, that's what they want to make us believe, that we have a disease for the rest of our lives...but what keeps the disease going is the drugs they tells to take! By taking a completely natural approach I have managed to take myself off the insulin injections for good. Thank you for changing my life Lynda!


EU, 2017

Lyn has a creatively different approach where she speaks from her heart and says it as it is! She gave me great ideas that were from outside the box and have helped me cope with all possible outcomes. Thank you Lyn for getting me back on my feet and realising I can fly once again! Take care and thank you once again for all your help.


EU, 2017

About a year ago my 74 year old mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease (Dementia)... Well, these days, when confronted with something of this kind, we tend to embark on a research journey whether in conventional or alternative medicines, and that is what I and my sisters did...
My mother is a very delicate case as she has developed allergies to a wide range of medication, especially pharmaceuticals, and foodstuffs, including tap water... and to top it all she has a chronic heart problem...
Very Impressive! We are all eternally grateful for this treatment that we keep ``on clock`` on a daily basis and we wish Lynda great success Creativation!


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