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Group Hug

the power of 8 retreat

 Join us for an Amazing Powerful Weekend of Healing, Laughter,& Love




Join a small group of "Power of 8" Practitioners inspired and influenced by the work of Lynne McTaggart as we gather together to work and practice face to face.

If you are like me, someone who joined in one of Lynne McTaggart's "Intention Essentials" course and found it totally awesome and inspiring but then found that the "Online " option for healing was somehow missing that Human touch, then this may be a gathering for you. 

Or if you simply want to come together with other Power of 8 Pioneers and explore how your fellow Healers are lending their particular attributes to this amazing Natural Phenomenon , then this is also for you.

Or if you would simply love to explore the deep inbuilt setting of Human Compassion and love for all beings and life on this Beautiful Planet ,then this is also for you.

Or if you are already a Group  and would like to come to a Beautiful space to Work and Refresh your Divine Magic then this is also for you

Whoever you are we look forward to meeting you and Healing with you..Aho


Our Intention is to bring together a small and intimate group of Power of 8 enthusiasts and Practitioners, who have been giuded by Lynne McTaggart.

Our intention is for an Event duration of 4 days of Gathering with the purpose of expanding our collective knowledge on the Power of 8 Intention Method. To exchange and discuss our collective and individual techniques and to engage in Active Healing Intentions in our Sacred Ceremony Roundhouse.

Our intention is to Create a Healing Circle at Least Twice Per Day followed by Sharing & Integration Circles.

Our Intention is to have at Least 9 participants so that one of us can be the Centre of Intention at least once during the event.

As well as our work together  there will be time for lots of chats, Nature walks, Dipping in one of our Spring fed lakes, Yoga on the Flat roof, Breathwork sessions.

We will have a Drum Workshop evening where we will come together under the Guidance of Sergio , who is a World acclaimed African Djembe Master/ Teacher.


Sergio Almeida, began his passion for Djembe and the Mandingue Tradition in Portugal through CDs and books by Mamady Keita and Famoudou Konaté.

In 2001 he decided to go to Belgium to deepen his knowledge with Sidy Cissokho. He has already attended many workshops with percussion masters Babara Bangoura Fakoly, Sény Touré, Sana Camara, Issiaka Koita, Amara Toure, Mohamed Med Camara, Kerfalla Sylla, Thomas Guei and Gangaly Bangoura.

Sergio traveled through Africa, Senegal and Mali, with Kora's Master Djibril Diabaté getting to know the tradition from a more melodic point of view and deepening his language with masters from the region. Over the years, he has incorporated the percussion group Instinct Baroudeur who travelled to several European countries

In 2006, Sergio founded the percussion group Rhakatta. Throughout this journey, he dedicated himself to teaching music with his traditional method, where he develops and dynamizes several projects and regular percussion classes in schools and institutions through education through art.

Jason is a fully qualified "8 Directions" Fire- Walk Instructor and has had N.D.Experiences which evolved into a deep relationship  with the Shamanic path since the early years and he has also had a connection to the Natural World for all of his life​

Having worked with Spirit and Medicine Plants for many years, circumstances then led them to the Amazonian Jungles of Peru to encounter the Master Spirit plant and begin a truly incredible journey of self discovery and deep personal healing that continues to this day.

This journey in turn lead to embarking on powerful breathwork practices that allow the body to access the Spirit Molecule where it resides naturally - in the Human body. As well as embarking in the Age Old tradition of FIRE-WALKING- Walking over Hot coals where the Inner strength to do ANYTHING we set our minds to do  is achieved

Jason will guide you through you these EMPOWERING techniques in a safe and sacred ceremonial space. His growing interest in the field of Epigenetics also features in a personal meditation practice that will see you change on every level. He also leads the daily Breathwork and Falun Gong session for participants

Jason has recently explored his healing Mission even further by engaging in the works and Courses of one of his Favourite Authors Lynne McTaggart and her Amazing work on The Power of 8 Intention

Jason& Kay: Consciousearth Founders

Kay is a fully fledged Medicine Woman,  and Co-Founder of Conscious Earth who has been on all of the Spirit Journies alongside Jason and in many cases leading the way forward with that for them both

She is also a Natural Mother Spirit with a desire to bring all those who come here under her wing to provide Comfort ,Nurture and the most deliciously cooked and prepared food. Kay is a True believer in Food acting as Medicine for people. She is never more Happy than when YOU are Happy. She is often described as being Swanlike....In other words effortlessly graceful on the surface with legs paddling at speed below the surface to make sure all is done to everyones satisfaction.


Andie is the Conscious Earth bodywork specialist. She offers a whole range of bodywork modalities, from Reflexology to full body massage

Often we arrive somewhere and neglect to pay attention to our physical body situation, allowing knots,strains and tightness to lay dormant only to come back and haunt us when we least expect it.

Andie is with us at every retreat that we hold to make sure that participants, including us, are encouraged to take advantage of some much needed bodywork.


Andie emanates a sense of calm and compassion as she gets to connect with you. Surrounding you with delicious smells and calming sounds that allows her touch to resonate at a deep and healing level.


food as medicine

Renature Food.jpg
Dining Indoor.jpg

As part of your stay with us we will offer you lovingly prepared  Food , Both Vegetarian & Non Vegetarian options, in support of the important work that you create on this "Younique" gathering.

Price from       €444.00

Price per person for 5 night retreat including meals, accommodation 



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