Conscious Art Retreats

Facilitated by Jill Stott

Jill works with groups and individuals. Her work has been exhibited extensively in Britain and Portugal, and is represented in private collections throughout Europe.

An Intensive Art Retreat

Uncovering a core creative intent.


Re-discover the pleasures of seeing and responding


…..awakening ourselves to immediate being through


contemplation, empathy and mark making.

4 Day Art Retreat

at Conscious Earth, Algarve, Portugal

Facilitated by Jill Stott, you will be lead into a time and space for you to open up to beautiful surroundings, working with things, spaces, ourselves, each other, and the nude.

We'll learn what going into right brain mode means, discovering how different ways of seeing affect the process of the work.

This will be an intensive exploration retreat where we will put our attention on enquiry, seeing and the fascinating process of drawing fast and drawing slow.

An artistic mindfulness arises, dampening the mental chatter and opening an intimate dialogue with all that swirls around us.

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Dates & Bookings

Retreat Dates;

​​5th - 9th July 2018

​Other dates will be posted soon!


Complete the Retreat Registration Form and we will reply with availability, payment details and retreat info, such as travel links, what to bring etc.

During this process we will send you a link to a questionnaire for general info so that we can ensure we meet your needs for this retreat. This info will remain strictly confidential.

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Your Investment

Fully Inclusive Retreat (*);

Accommodation and full Flexitarian catering, 2 meals per day plus snacks & refreshments.

All materials required for the retreat and all tuition & guidance provided by facilitator(s).

Investment: €560 per person

Cancellation Refunds:

45-60 days prior, payment, is 100% refundable.

30-45 days prior, payment, is 70% refundable.

15-30 days prior, payment, is 30% refundable.

0-15 days prior, no refunds will be given.

N.B: where available, cancellations may be carried over to the next available retreat.

(*) ; Does not include costs of transport such as flights, transfers or connections. Your additional transport needs will be covered during our registration process and bear additional fees.

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Accommodation & Catering

There is a range of accommodation options including non-residential. We will discuss accommodation options once we have received your Retreat Registration as part of the confirmation process.

Catering for these retreats is vegetarian only. We are happy to discuss specific dietary requirements as part of the confirmation process also, and will do our best to meet your individual needs.

In our questionnaire form will be questions relating to accommodation preferences and dietary requirements.

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Jill Stott

Born in Lancashire , England 1959, I studied at Norwich School of Art, England. I graduated in 1981, receiving a BA with Honours in Graphic Design and Photography.


My acutely observed drawings, paintings and photographs show an intimate concern for abstract form, ambiguous space games, rhythmic composition and sensual light.


I am motivated by observations of chance meetings of stuff. That stuff can be anything...a field, a shed, a shoe, a figure, a sign, a ray of light. Sometimes by a small movement of the head, a juxtaposition, igniting and becoming meaningful.


I’m also interested in drawing people in habitual unconsciously adopted positions and I love teaching drawing.

Jill Stott

life drawing
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