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Manifest your Dreams...

"If you can get someone to remember themselves, then they will know what to do"

Facilitated by Soulba Retreats


Balance your Being...

Ignite your passion and realise your potential

4 Day Retreat at Conscious Earth Retreats

Algarve, Portugal.

What to expect:

Traditional Hatha Yoga Asana, including pranayama and mantra, connecting your body and mind through movement and breath.

Guided Meditations 

Group Life coaching sessions

Individual Reiki Session (1 per retreat)

Flow painting - Hand to canvas workshops

We provide nutritionally balanced, whole food plant based meals. Herbal tea and water are available throughout the day. 

Free time is an important part of the retreat- simply relax, go for a walk in nature or take a dip in the fresh water lakes.

Copy of IMG-20181102-WA0031_edited
Watercolor Paints

Retreat Dates & Bookings

Retreat Dates;


November 7th-12th 


Complete the Retreat Registration Form and we will reply with availability, payment details and retreat info, such as travel links, what to bring etc.

During this process we will send you a link to a questionnaire for general info so that we can ensure we meet your needs for this retreat. This info will remain strictly confidential.

Register Here


Your Investment

Fully Inclusive Retreat (*);

Accommodation and whole food plant based meals are provided. Herbal tea and water available throughout the days psttt... there is coffee in the morning!

All materials required for the retreat and all tuition & guidance provided. You may wish to bring a notepad.

Investment:  £650 per person

Cancellation Refunds:

45-60 days prior, payment, is 100% refundable.

30-45 days prior, payment, is 70% refundable.

15-30 days prior, payment, is 30% refundable.

0-15 days prior, no refunds will be given.

N.B: where available, cancellations may be carried over to the next available retreat.

(*) ; Does not include costs of transport such as flights, transfers or connections.  Your additional transport needs will be covered during our registration process and bear additional fees.


Register Here


Accommodation & Catering

There is a range of accommodation options. We will discuss accommodation options once we have received your Retreat Registration as part of the confirmation process. Shared accommodation is provided for the price shown. Private rooms are available for an extra charge, please specify on the form if you would prefer a private room.


Catering for these retreats is whole food and plant based. We are happy to discuss specific dietary requirements as part of the confirmation process, and will do our best to meet your individual needs. 

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Meet the Soulba Retreats team...

Brought about by Rebecca and Hannah, two soul sisters who met on their yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh, India. It was there in the sacred surroundings that they learned the true meaning of yoga, and how different it is to the yoga most commonly seen in the western world.
Their primary focus will be on traditional Hatha Yoga practice which includes Asana (physical movement), Mantra, Pranayama (breathing techniques), and Mudra/Banda (energy locks and hand gestures). The practice will always be followed by guided meditations.

Hannah’s areas of interest lie particularly around Mantra, Music and Creativity. She further explored these fields in her Prenatal Yoga Training which focused heavily on connection through positive affirmations, vibrations and allowing the opening of the mind and body.
Rebecca's intrigued by the connection and balance between all parts of our being and particularly follows the teachings of Louise Hay. She went on to complete her level 1 & 2 Reiki, balancing energy centres, known as Chakras, within the body. 

Rebecca and Katrien have grown up together. Katrien is a life coach, transformation coach and hypnotherapist. She is creatively inspired and uses hand to canvas painting as a form of expression.
Last but not least is Jillian, a nutritionist and personal trainer who knows the importance of nourishing the body with good food, and the effect it has upon our whole being. Jillian’s passion lies in creating whole food and plant based meals that are not only nutritious but delicious! Jillian is also
currently training in Nordic walking and would love to share her knowledge and even take you for a walk in nature within your free time on the retreat.


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