Corona-Virus info

Hello Friends we already know and those we don't know...yet

This is NOT the time for us to be gathering together.

This is a time for Physical separation.

We have  placed ourselves and this Beautiful Valley into Self Isolation for the foreseeable future.......

This will pass and we ask that YOU trust in the process


May we suggest that you do some or all of the following to assist in your Transition at this time 

Meditate Daily

Breathwork Daily

Go into your Heart Space

Drink Pure Water as a Conduit to Great Spirit

Give Thanks to Mother Earth

Project love to all

Open to the C C

Avoid Judgement

Practice Compassion

Limit your Media intake

Disconnect from all devices and Internet whilst you sleep(Turn them off)

Stay in the Alkaline scale ph Values

Avoid Alchohol,Nicotine,Drugs

We Love you.Stay Safe

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