Jase Rindos Aguas & Kay Terra Mae 

& YOU                              

After the sensational release of the Movie "The Time of the Sixth Sun" the Shift in Consciousness has continued at staggering velocity,bringing many many souls together from all over this beautiful Planet.

Mainly this is happening across the Social Media Platforms.NOW we are offering the opportunity for People to come together in Person.........


An invitation for you to come and join your Earth Family and continue your Celebrations and Work in this  very special Time of the Sixth Sun. Come Join  in with Optional, Daily Meditations, Sun Gazing,  Chakra Balancing, Breathwork, Discussions , Nature Walks, Gardening, Tree Planting & Land loving, Wood fired Sauna, Cold water Lake dips, Body work, Yoga , Story Telling round the Fire, Music making & Dance....We also open this Retreat to anyone who has any skills to offer and share 

3-7 Day Sixth Sun Retreats

at Conscious Earth

Algarve, Portugal.

Come and gather with your Earth Family and continue the Journey

Through movement, sound, light, play, art and creativity.

A path to inspired creative consciousness

Through the exploration of our creative, mental, mindful, healthful impulses


We begin to realise that we already have the solutions to create a better experience of SELF… right now!


Dates & Bookings

Retreat Dates 2020​

17th to 24th January

16th to 23rd March

11th to 18th May

Complete the Retreat Registration Form and we will reply with payment details and retreat info, such as travel links, what to bring etc.

During this process we will send you a link to a questionnaire for general info so that we can ensure we meet your needs for this retreat. This info will remain strictly confidential.

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Your Investment

Fully Inclusive Retreat (*);

Accommodation and full vegetarian catering, 3 meals per day plus snacks & refreshments.

Please feel free to Bring Musical Instruments,Crystals,Art Materials,Singing bowls e.t.c.

£50 per person per night (Minimum 3 nights)


Cancellation Refunds:

45-60 days prior, payment, is 100% refundable.

30-45 days prior, payment, is 70% refundable.

15-30 days prior, payment, is 30% refundable.

0-15 days prior, no refunds will be given.

N.B: where available, cancellations may be carried over to the next available retreat.

(*) ; Does not include costs of transport such as flights, transfers or connections. Your additional transport needs will be covered during our registration process and bear additional fees.

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Accommodation & Catering

There is a range of accommodation options . All bedding provided We will discuss accommodation options once we have received your Retreat Registration as part of the confirmation process.


Catering for these retreats is vegetarian only. We are happy to discuss specific dietary requirements as part of the confirmation process also, and will do our best to meet your individual needs.

In our questionnaire form will be questions relating to accommodation preferences and dietary requirements.

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